TS – Westbury, NY

This past summer was my sons first summer at Tranquility camp. It was the best summer ever. he made new friends enjoys a summer filled with activities he loves. like sports, swimming, campfire, fishing. color war and so much more. He came home and all he talked about was how much Fun he had how soon can he go back. The staff is fabulous, attentive and caring. they had many activities for the kids and they were never bored.

DS – Huntington, NY

Tranquillity Camp is the MOST supportive and engaging environment a sleep away camp can provide. The directors and staff know all of the kids so well and treat them like their own. The activities, events and traditions keep the kids busy all day. The kids and families that go here are the sweetest most accepting people. My daughter LOVES this camp and counts down the days until she can return. Simply put you really should look into this camp for your children

LH – Tamarac, FL

This was our first summer at Tranquility and it was a huge success and all 3 of my little ones want to return. My 11 yo girl who is a Foodie was living her best life. every letter detailed everything she was eating (‘I ate FOUR gefllte fish!”). the productions she was in (‘I was in Shrek!”) and she’s staying in touch with the girls in her cabin via group text. One of them slipped a note in her suitcase saying how lucky she was they became friends. My daughter taped it to the closet. My 10 yo boy had a blast but unfortunately told me that camp makes better mac and cheese than me. (not nice 10 show me up, Camp! At least share the recipes! 🙂 My third little is still talking about trying tennis and hockey for the first time, which he loved. Thank you, Camp for a SAFE and beautiful childhood memory and experience.

JB – Dix Hills, NY

This camp has truly become my children’s happy place and summer home (although they wish they could stay there year-round)! There is no place on earth they would rather be. Next summer will be their 8th summer and they wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. The friends they have made will continue to be lifelong special relationships. We are truly lucky to have found such a special place.

LS – Rockville Centre, NY

This was my daughter’s first year at camp tranquillity and the first year away. What a great summer she had!! All she talks about is campi-She’s totally obsessed and can’t wait for next summer. Any time I reached out to Sherrie, she got back to me right away. I checked up often as my daughter is only 8. I wanted to make sure she was ok. Sherrie not only got back to me but called a few times instead of emailing just to speak and never rushed off the phone, They have so many activities, camper bonding, sports, plays etc., I have already told a few of my friends about camp tranquillity. Rest assured, your children are in great hands!

NG – New Milford, CT

Unforgettable experience for kids! Not to mention kids-free summer for parents 🙂 Our son came home after 7 weeks and said the least he was looking forward to be back to, was his phone!! Every parent knows THAT IS a deal breaker! Kids are able to be kids again and enjoy being social, creative, goofy and responsible. Camp are ran by a wonderful family who are 100 involved in all camp activities and treat the campers like their own kids, The experience from Tranquility Camp will be one of the best memories your child will carry on through life!

AK – Dobbs Ferry, NY

My partner and I were hesitant to send our kids to sleep away camp because neither of us had attended ourselves. Six years later, I can wholeheartedly say that choosing to have our kids spend summers at Tranquillity is one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family. Our sons have made lifelong friends, learned how to resolve conflicts, developed a sense of
independence and leadership, enjoyed nature and entertained themselves – completely free of
technology! Five stars!

MP – Brooklyn, NY

This was my daughter’s second summer at TV (she’s 1 0). As a parent I am extremely thankful for the care, communication, and the emphasis on the quality of staff, food and experiences she’s had. From her perspective, she always comes back with fun stories, memories, first experiences, which she’s shied away from in the past (getting on stage, Singing, participating in activities) and new friendships. Thanks to my best friend, who attended the camp for many years and was a counselor into her late teens, we have found a summer home!

RS – Merrick, NY

TY … what can I say. My daughter has been going since she was 9 and is looking forward to her CIT year next summer. She talks to her camp friends every night from the day she gets home till the day she goes back!! She loves everything about it. Sent my 9 yr old son this summer and he got to share the amazing was my daughter has been talking about for 7 summers! Love TY!!

GK – Delray Beach, FL

Tranquillity Camp has been a wonderful summer home for our children. First thing the kids say when returning home, “I cant wait for next summer!” The staff is warm, works hard, and provides a wide variety of activities all summer. #10for2

IT – New Rochelle, NY

Tranquillity is such a wonderful camp! I was initially upset not sending my children to the camp I went to as a kid. But Tranquillity offers the dreamy, action-packed, friends-filled sleepaway experience you would look for in any camp, with a MUCH more reasonable price tag. We are so grateful for this place and for the welcoming staff and community. My daughter had the time of her life and will be going for years to come. If you’re looking for a great Jewish camp (reformed-ish), that is driving distance from NYC/suburbs, and affordable, this is it!!

KA – Bellmore, NY

Most amazing camp! It’s like sending your children away with family for the summer. Piece of mind for the parents and an amazing time for the kiddos.Thank you, Tranquillity Camp, for another amazing summer. Can’t wait for next year!

J.F. - Boca Raton, FL

Tranquility Camp is more than a camp, it is a family.  My daughter will be spending her sixth summer at camp this year.  When asked about camp, my daughter describes it as her happy place.  Every year she says, as she travels on the bus up to camp that she is finally going home.  From the friends to the activities to the staff, there is really nothing like TY Camp.  While there is much to do in and around camp, it is her friendships and her life long relationships that keeps my daughter going back year after year.  Knowing that many adults still make the effort to travel from all over the country to spend Visiting Weekend at camp every year is truly a testament about what a special and unique place TY Camp is.  My daughter plans to spend every summer for the rest of her life at TY Camp.  To her, it is the most special place on earth.