J.R. - Commack

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for running such an amazing camp and instilling values in our children that most camps don’t. Thank you for giving both of my daughter’s an incredible sleepaway experience. But now I want to focus on Steph. My girl who wont sleep at my parents’ house or anywhere without her sister or me. The girl who can be shy and quiet and who is a homebody. It was 100% her decision to attend camp this summer and boy is she happy with that decision.The following are words right from Stephanie. We were discussing TY and her 1st experience at sleepaway camp.

“I feel more mature. I’m glad I went back. I’m proud of myself for being in the plays because I didn’t think I would make it. Getting to do new activities that I haven’t done at another camp like archery, fishing, mini golf. That was fun. Street hockey was fun. Getting care packages was very exciting. When Lorne (sp?) would say package list and everyone would just gasp and listen. It feels like another home basically. Just being with your friends makes you happy. If I’m hurt or upset, my friends and counselors are there for me. The nurses were really nice. Even though I missed you, I had a really good time and didnt think I could do it. Tranquillity is a very good camp and I’m very excited to go back for the 100th summer. And Richie, he was right next to us at every meal and if we wanted to talk to him about something he would let you. Kelsey, who was the head of TY House was really helpful. She helps you make your bed, helps you clean and she’s always there for you. It was a lot of fun and even though there were fights, it was all fine at the end. It is a really good camp and I would probably go there until I’m a senior counselor. Although I hated the chicken fat exercises and we had to do it every morning. I enjoyed it (camp)and it is just always clean, which I liked. The waiters are good and nice and so were the bread and butter girls. It was just a lot if fun. TY FOREVER.”

Thank you, again. From the bottom of my heart.

J.F. - Boca Raton, FL

Tranquility Camp is more than a camp, it is a family.  My daughter will be spending her sixth summer at camp this year.  When asked about camp, my daughter describes it as her happy place.  Every year she says, as she travels on the bus up to camp that she is finally going home.  From the friends to the activities to the staff, there is really nothing like TY Camp.  While there is much to do in and around camp, it is her friendships and her life long relationships that keeps my daughter going back year after year.  Knowing that many adults still make the effort to travel from all over the country to spend Visiting Weekend at camp every year is truly a testament about what a special and unique place TY Camp is.  My daughter plans to spend every summer for the rest of her life at TY Camp.  To her, it is the most special place on earth.

V.H.- Kings Park, NY

My children have had the best experiences in camp at Tranquillity!  Also, they have made friendships that have lasted beyond the summer months.  Believe it or not, camp has facilitated a stronger bond between my own children…who would have thought that could happen?? Now that they are a little older, I love the fact that they can spend the summer in a safe and fun environment away from their video games!

B.B. - Closter, NJ

Why do my children love Tranquillity Camp? They have had an amazing 6 summers there so far and they can’t wait to go back again this summer! They’ve made life-long friendships and have learned many of life’s most valuable lessons including to always do your best, that everyone has individual talents that should be shared with others and appreciated by all, and to treat all others with kindness and respect. TY is not a “country club” camp. I don’t belong to a country club so I’m not sending my kids to one. If that’s what you’re looking for this isn’t the camp for you. This is “old school”, traditional sleep-away camp. No “uniforms”, no phone calls, no email, no photos, no canteen. I trust that the staff is taking great care of my kids and making sure they’re safe and happy. The facilities and bunks are clean and the food is good and plentiful. If you want to give your children an incredible camp experience away from home where they can gain independence, make amazing new friends, learn to live with others, relax and get away from life’s fast pace and social pressures, TY is the camp for you and your children.

B.B - Bellmore, NY

The happiest days of my four childrens’ lives are those summers at Tranqullity. September-June is spent reminiscing, reliving each memorable experience. They patiently wait and then begin the count down… They rekindle friendships, bonds that can’t be broken. Tranquillity literally transforms them back to a simpler time, before technology took over their social lives. It is the ‘Chicken Soup to Their Soul’.

Girl 13 - NJ

I have had the best experience at Tranquillity!  There are many fun activities such as, Gaga, Archery, Mini golf, camp outs and mud hikes! I have had made friends that I will have for a lifetime.  The counselors and so funny and caring.  I look forward to returning every summer!  I love TY!! 🙂

B.S. - Wantagh, NY

As both a former camper and now a parent of a current camper, I can tell you there is none better.  Tranquillity Camp is not only an experience of self-esteem, self-finding, lifelong friendships, etc., it is memories, stories and smiles at the thought to last for generations to come.  It doesn’t matter if your memories include swimming in the creek, the walk up the hills, the plays in the barn, to the Friday night services or the cheering in the dining room, it will be something that all campers will talk about for years to come!! I believe in Tranquillity so much and talked incessantly until I broke my best friend down and now her daughter will be excitingly attending this summer.

Girl 16 – Old Bethpage, NY

Tranquillity Camp will forever hold a special place in my heart. There isn’t a moment of every day where something doesn’t remind me of camp and all the amazing memories and friends this special place has brought upon me. I remember going to the bus stop for the first time as an 8 year old. Never would I have thought that those steps onto the bus would change my life for the better. Coming from a family of people who have left their footprint on camp and its history, I always thought about how my experience would be compared to theirs. Although I was always excited to hear and laugh at stories making me feel as if I was there, I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. Little did I know how much of an impact it would have on my life and I will never be able to express how thankful I am for all it has given and taught me. Not only will I always cherish the memories of being able to spend banquet dinner with my family at camp, Sunday’s on the field, and special time with my best friends, but the valuable lessons I’ve learned are unlike any others I’ve learned in any classroom. The true meaning of friendship, responsibility, and most importantly things about myself is really what camp is all about. Hearing from my family about their old stories as a camper always reminded me about how fast time goes by and now being on staff, I’m going to miss the times of sleeping in the bunk next to my best friends, but I’m beyond excited to create so many new memories and learn so many new things. Thanks to Tranquillity Camp I now know that no matter what I will always have the people I’ve met at camp forever and I’m eternally grateful. Knowing I’m part of the Tranquillity family offers a sense of comfort and belonging. Camp Tranquillity isn’t only my favorite place, it is my home and there is no other place like it.

L.H. - New York, NY

My son, decided to go to sleep away camp later than most kids. He was 13 years old his first summer. All of the kids knew each other when he got to camp but that didn’t stop them from welcoming him and making feel like he was a part of something special. He has made amazing friends at camp and has enjoyed the many traditions that Tranquility has to offer. The camp is relaxed and my son truly feels that he is part of one big family. The count down to the following summer starts immediately when he returns from camp. He keeps in touch with several campers throughout the year and is looking forward to being a CIT this upcoming summer.

R.C. - Nanuet, NY

So proud that my son is a 2nd generation Tranquillityite.  He LOVES camp as much as I did!!! He has made many wonderful friendships, loves all the sports and activities and is counting down the days till summer’s return.

T.H. - Oakland, NJ

Three years ago my daughter went to visit Tranquility with her aunt (an alumni) for the day.  She called me from the camp that day and told me she didn’t want to come home!  She had met a great bunch of girls and begged for us to enroll her. This will be her 4th summer and she cannot wait to go back.   The staff is caring and we know she is in good hands. The  “disconnect” from the everyday is such a positive experience. No phones, no TV’s, no computers!  We are thankful that we were introduced to TY and grateful that she is able to return for another year!

B.M. - Manorville, NY

I can’t say enough about this camp! My son is a fourth generation camper. How could he not feel something special, knowing he’s playing in the same place that his father, grandfather and even his great grandfather once played? (Not to mention a ton of other relatives…aunts, uncles andcousins) I love that the camp isn’t too big and that nearly everyone quickly knows everyone…and I love the history…the songs and traditions that have lasted from generation to generation! I love that my child can bond with out of state cousins and see them every day in the summertime…That’s a special opportunity for them that many other cousins, separated by distance don’t get to enjoy. It warms my heart that my child always looks forward to going back every summer, and living with his bunkmates that he’s been with for so many summers now. I’ve gone to other camps, as a camper, a counselor, senior staff, and even a board member, but this camp definitely has a special factor that others lack. The bonds here are made forever. People just want to come back here over and over again. In addition, they have some of the most gorgeous grounds, and the best camp dining hall I’ve ever seen. I just love the TY experience in its entirety.

Boy 18 – Old Bethpage, NY

Tranquillity camp is a truly unique place, and i have never been more proud to call any place my home over the course of my life. My first summer at camp was the summer of 2007, and i was just a nervous ten year old boy coming out of my first year of middle school. Many of the members of my mom’s side of the family attended camp for countless years, and it held a special place in all of their hearts. I constantly heard stories from my mother, aunt, and grandfather about how great camp was and how they were still friends with all of the people that they met at camp, so when i first arrived at camp, it felt surreal to finally be in the setting of all of their stories. I felt pressured because i knew that if i didn’t like camp for some reason, i would be the odd one out in my family. When we were being sorted into groups and assigned counselors my first summer, i recognized a few boys from my town that i had played soccer with before, and i desperately wanted to be with a familiar face in this strange place. You can only imagine how i felt when i was placed in a bunk with a bunch of weird kids that weren’t even from long island at all. Well, it turns out that i lived with and grew up with those very same weird kids for 8 summers, the best 8 summers of my life. I can also confidently say that I am much closer with those weird kids than I am with any of the kids who I recognized from soccer and would eventually go to high school with. Camp will do that to you. It is a special place that forms friendships and bonds tougher than any. However, camp gave me more than just lifelong friends. It gave me confidence, a moral compass, and it exposed me to new hobbies that i otherwise never would have pursued. I had always loved music all my life, and my favorite part of every week at camp was after the Saturday night show when the TY band would hook up their amps and guitars, and serenade everyone. I admired the band members, and i wondered if i would ever be able to carry the same stage confidence and talent that they did. This influenced me to start playing guitar. 8 years later, i am proud to say that i am a NYSSMA silver medalist for classical guitar and led the TY band for two weeks last summer as the guitarist. I can’t think of any place that has had such a profound influence on my life as camp has.